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Thailand Isaan Traditional music xylophone

Xylophone Thailand Bong Lang Pong Lang Bonglang listen to Excel sound 48" x 40"

This is a Superbly crafted lush dark brown BongLang handcrafted in North East Thailand.  (Isaan)

The crossbar stand dimensions are 48" long and 40" high.

The keys are made of a very good hard wood (Mahagony?) with beautiful

rich sound.  Custom Handmade by a master craftsman and musician/dancer.

This comes with TWO sets of mallets.

....AND the sound  is just amazing!!!

sound bite:

and here

and here, professionally played



Pickup in Gainesville, florida area is possible....


****Please be aware of shipping SIZE may want to contact us first*****

or get a quote from Ebay or


Here is the Wiki entry:

The pong lang (Thai: โปงลาง, RTGS: ponglang, Thai pronunciation: [pōːŋ.lāːŋ]) is a log xylophone from the Isan region of northeast Thailand.

The pong lang has 12 wooden bars that, with a strong rope, are tied together in a row at each end. The instrument can be played solo or in an ensemble. The pong lang is used for all kinds of occasions, especially for festivals and ceremonies.

The instrument is generally played by two players, who each use two hardwood sticks. Its shape is like a xylophone consisting of 15 wooden bars strung together with a strong rope at each end. The lower pitch end is attached to a post or part of a tree and other is hooked to the player's toe or another material. The two performers sit on either side, one playing the melody, the other playing drone accompaniment. The pong lang has no standard size.

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