Thailand Traditional music Xylophone

Xylophone Thailand Ranat Ek Rinaad Rinat Ek Ranad Ek Exc. quality wood sound 50"

This is a Superbly crafted lush dark brown Ranat Ek handcrafted in North Thailand.

The (what is sometimes referred to as a) Boat Xylphone is approx 50" long, and the Key 'board' is approx. 42" long.

The keys are made of a very good hard wood (Mahagony) with beautiful

swirl patterns of the grain.

This comes with TWO sets of mallets (one set hard tone, one set soft) and a song book and some of my notes.

....AND the sound  is just amazing!!!


sound bite:


and here, professionally played


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Here is the Wiki entry:

Ranat ek

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Ranat ek
Classification Percussion (idiophone)
Related instruments
Roneat ek, ranat ek lek, ranat thum

The ranat ek (Thai: ระนาดเอก, pronounced [ranâːt ʔèːk], "alto xylophone") is a Thai xylophone. It has 22 wooden bars suspended by cords over a boat-shaped trough resonator, and is played with two mallets. It is used as a leading instrument in the piphat ensemble.

The ranat ek is played by two types of mallets. The hard mallets create the sharp bright sound when they keys are hit.The hard mallets are used for faster playing. The soft mallets create a mellow and softer tone which is used for slower songs.

ranat ek bars are typically made from rosewood (Dalbergia oliveri; Thai: ไม้ชิงชัน; mai ching chan), although in rare instances instruments with bamboo bars can be found.

Some ranat ek players are able to play two instruments at the same time, placed at right angles to each other.

The ranat ek is very similar to a Cambodian xylophone called roneat ek.


****Please be aware of shipping SIZE may want to contact us first*****

or get a quote from Ebay or

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